Men's Ultimate Guide to Choose Lingerie for Gifting Girlfriend

Girls like gifts! It makes them feel special. So, when you want to be closer to your girlfriend, it's wise to choose something 'special' for your girl. Yes, several men wants to gift lingerie; but choosing the right one is simpler than facing a corporate interview, isn't it? Well, don't panic. I'm here today to tell you some simple steps to buy classy and killer lingerie for you girlfriend that she must love.

Size? Be Sneaky
While your fingers knows the actual size, you need to convert it into numeric figure when you visit the Allure lingerie wholesaler in New South Wales. Well, you definitely can't show a lady in the store as the example of size; that may be your worst day in life. Rather, as soon as you plan, act like a detective and whenever your girlfriend is out of room pull the drawer and check the tag inside her bra or lingerie. Keep in mind it's not just a number – you have to note the cup size also. And so the 'code' that you'll steal would be something like '34 C'; not just 34. Once you got it, the game is yours.

Feeling Shy? Ignore the Shopkeeper
It is very tough for men, specially unmarried to deal with shopkeepers while purchasing lady's innerwear. Well, the thumb of rule here is, enter the store, go directly to the display section and search for the lingerie that you want. If the shopkeeper comes to you for help, just ignore her (or him). Once you have got something matching which you actually want, call the shopkeeper and ask her for similar products. Also mention the size before she bothers you.

Don't Choose Saucy
No matter how frank you are to your girl, don't give her a chance to become offended. Girls are too sentimental by nature and a saucy lingerie can make her furious. She may feel that you treat her nothing more than a hooker. So, keep within the classy items, until she had ever wished for. Of course, classy lingerie cost more; but not more than your relation. It is good to visit Allure lingerie wholesaler in New South Wales for getting wide range of choice.

Color Matters
As per ladies, men are colorblind. So, if you pick any color that she may not like, you may end up wasting some money. I guarantee, she won’t wear it at all. So, keep an eye on her choice, especially regarding inner wears. If you can't, at least try to recall any dress that she has purchased recently. However, the best rule is picking either red or black. I don’t know any lady who doesn't love these colors.

Not Too Intimate? Don't Cross Your Limit
If you are new in relation or aren't too intimate even after several years, may be as she is a bit reserved, choosing an erotic lingerie may not be a good decision. She may not accept the gift and then you'll be in a completely embarrassing situation. So, on such situation, it is good to go for a loose fitting lingerie that covers her up to waist. Even if she feel awkward accepting it from you, she can’t at least deny – I assure you.

So, make decision and take a chance to surprise your girl. And don’t forget to share your first lingerie buying experience with us.
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